About Teaj!

About Teaj!

April 16, 2019 0 By Teaj

Welcome to “Successful Musician”! We want the hard work you put into music to pay off, and your music to become an important part of many people’s lives. To do that, we often just need a little help…


Been There… Still Doin’ That!

I’m Teaj, and I’ve been a performing and recording songwriter for decades.

Growing up in church afforded me hundreds of opportunities to sing, play and hone my craft. By the time I went to college, I’d already written dozens of songs and knew my passion and had set my goal… to be a successful musician!


Teajs L.A. band Reason Y

Teaj (far right) and his L.A. band “Reason Y”!


Further growth & progress led me to release my first album in 1997, and over the ensuing decades I worked in several professional studios in L.A., toured America & Europe extensively, and wrote hundreds of songs in quite a few genres.

And to this day, I continue to compose and release my music, my way. All while not being a household name… which definitely has its benefits.

My latest videos & music you can find on THIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


YOUR Success is Possible!

If you’re here, it’s because you take music as seriously as I do.

For many of you though, it’s a hard road. I know; I’ve been there. I lived through days in L.A., with no car, a 2-room apartment, and finding new ways to improvise with Top Ramen.

So if I can share what’s worked for me, I know it’ll lighten your load and help you find success… quicker, easier and with minimum hardship.


You… em-POWER-ed!

“Success” is a fleeting, frenetic bird that seems impossible to cage… but only if you lack the tools, and hunt where it isn’t.

The goal of this site is to empower you with as many tools as possible that simplify and guarantee that, if you want your life to be known for your music, it will be.

If you have questions along our journey, leave them below and I’ll be  happy to share what’s made me a “successful musician”. Hopefully it’ll work for you too!

Best of success to you from all your efforts,