Side Hustles Make Money! – Let Wealthy Affiliate Equip YOU in 2019!!

Side Hustles Make Money! – Let Wealthy Affiliate Equip YOU in 2019!!

May 14, 2019 1 By Teaj

Imagine this:

You get up in the morning (at whatever time you choose).

You have your breakfast (for as long as you want).

You get dressed if you want to (but you don’t have to).

You get in a good workout (or you can skip exercise).

You do some riffing on your chosen instrument(s) for a while.

Then, whenever you like, you sit down in front of a computer with your favorite drink, and…

… create an income for yourself.


working from BED!


Sound attractive??

It is! Side hustles make money – it’s true. And one of the best ways of engaging in this practice, outside your revolving list of gigs and sessions, is to create an online presence for yourself, monetize it, and reap the financial benefits for the rest of your life.

Yes, I said for the rest of your life. An online business never retires! Unless you ignore it, and even then… it usually continues to make money.

Working W.A. in the studio!

Working W.A. in my studio!

And consider this fact: everything you put online acts like the “residuals” that musicians or film actors get – you continue to get paid from the same work… again, and again, and again… ad infinitum!!

This is the exact opposite of most jobs, where you put in your time, you get paid once for it, and that’s it. You then have to work more if you want anything further.

This is the reason why, every day, when I’m not practicing or prepping for upcoming music jobs, I’m writing for the websites I’ve created, to literally fund my obsession with all things music.

The best part? I don’t have to worry about making tons of cash with my songwriting or playing. I can even do it for free if I want, ‘cuz I already have an online business making money for me.

Of course, I DO still charge for my playing & writing, but… it’s nice to know I don’t HAVE to at the end of the day. I’ve got my online world paying my way.

And each of the websites I author… I created through Wealthy Affiliate!


A Little History

Kyles family

Kyle & family

Carson & family

Carson & family

Wealthy Affiliate was launched by two college buddies Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. They came together to form W.A. because they wanted to (in Carson’s words)”… bridge the gap between education, social networking, and technology.”

They had years of experience independently with Internet marketing before deciding to join forces in 2005 and create W. A. Their goal: to offer all that’s needed to those desiring to build a viable business online.

They’ve met and surpassed that initial goal many times over, but they still focus on providing the best centralized, affordable and trustworthy forum through which people just like you and I can learn from their expertise and apply it to our own worthy dreams and goals.

It’s been 14 years now since they started, and they are currently the preeminent online resource for educating and empowering yourself in a growing field of online “active and passive income” building!

Let’s explore why they’re the best choice, and why I’ve stuck with them for years…

Your ‘Real Book’ Sneak Peek

Just as we love having a concise Real Book for standards we might play at a gig, it’s helpful to have an easy, succinct snapshot of things to take in at a glance when it comes to our business.

Here is a swift summary of how I would judge Wealthy Affiliate, using the same rating system I use for all my reviews on this site.

These rating are based on my two years of experience with W.A., exploring and using every option they offer:


coffee and computer work

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owner(s): Kyle & Carson

Website URL:

Hosting: 4.7 out of 5!

Support: 4.6 out of 5!

Training: 4.8 out of 5!

Site Building: 4.8 out of 5!

Content Tools: 4.7 out of 5!

Successful Mentors: 4.3 out of 5!

Musician Lifestyle Rating: 5 out of 5!

RealDealAffiliate Rating: 4.8 out of 5!

Price: 5 out of 5!


A No-Cost Offer?? Seriously?!!

frustrated student

Going it alone sucks.

Most people are hesitant to get into something they know nothing about. Especially if it costs money.

And with good reason! Without the proper understanding and skills, not only would it be a frustrating experience, it would more than likely be a futile waste of time.

But what if you could skip all the exasperation?

What if you could learn the basics of building a lucrative business online without spending thousands on college classes? Or hundreds on video tutorials?

Or, even better, what if you could begin amassing skills and knowledge, and start building your own business… for free??

Pipe dream? Too good to be true??

Oceanside computing!

Work from anywhere!!

Actually, you can do just that by taking advantage of Wealthy Affiliates free introductory offer… just like I did!

You can immediately start reading the texts, and watching the videos, that explain how to create a website and then, right there, quickly and easily DO IT. Pretty unbelievable at no cost.

This allows you to test the waters and see if it’s something that you can actually picture yourself continuing in or not.

I took to it like a lead singer to Ray-Bans. Within two weeks I paid the ridiculously low price of $19 to gain access to the “Premium” training and tools also available at W.A.

Before you could say “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”… I was cranking out blog posts, reviewing cool products, and just like that… the rest of my life was changed.

For the “immensely better”!

Even when I’m on vacation (usually in Orlando, Florida where my family goes frequently to “Disney out”), I take my laptop down to the pool under the palm trees, and in a couple hours… I’ve got a new published post giving me Google love.

And, depending on the type of article, it’s also immediately increasing my earning potential… all while I’m getting a tan and sipping a latte!

I’m telling ya… that’s the life. I’m never goin’ back!

Try Before You Buy!

Wealthy Affiliate offers so much, but by now, after a couple years, I think I’ve hit pretty much everything I could ever find or use on their website.

One of my favorite features in all that familiarity is their SiteRubrix “try it first” tool. It’s like a virtual sandbox, where you can play around with your latest brainstorm idea and actually view it in full website format. Then you can decide if it’s really a “tour you want to take on.” 😉

I used SiteRubrix for a few site ideas that, soon enough, I abandoned for other subjects that I knew would work better for me.

When you see your idea come to life right there before your eyes, it’s easy to tell if it’s the right fit for you or not. It’s just obvious.


Music and computer = success!

Music + computer = success!


Once you’ve experimented enough in SiteRubrix, you then have the confidence to choose a specific course of action and BUY a domain name that suits what you’re going to make your website about.

Buying your domain name only costs about $14 a year. The reason you buy your site name is so no one else can steal it. It sucks when you spend weeks coming up with, and deciding upon, a great name for your website, only to find that someone else beat you to it.

Take your own name, for example. If there’s any chance that one day you’ll want a website simply devoted to you and things you like, buying your name as a domain should be one of your first priorities. Especially if you’re an artist and you probably will be putting music out under your name.

Freedom Through Training!

W A Training courses

My completed W.A. Training Courses!

Of all the reasons why I think Wealthy Affiliate is the bomb, this has to be the biggest: their training. It’s excellent, accessible, understandable and thorough.

It teaches you everything you need to know to get up and running and making money.

Seriously. When I made my first sale through my first website, I hadn’t been with W.A. for even three months yet, and all the things that made that sale happen? They were covered in the W.A. training.

Here’s another cool thing about the training: it’s so comprehensive and exhaustive that I often go back and re-study certain courses that I feel I need a refresher on. I almost always find something that I’d forgotten, we’re just not picked up the first time I read it through.

And unlike college textbooks that so often focus on theory, to the detriment of practicality, the training at Wealthy Affiliate is all about what you need to do, implement, install or create right now to get money flowing to you.

They’re not going to teach you how to code (you won’t need that).

They’re not going to make you memorize the tenants of a free market economy (you’ll just be doing that).

They’re not going to distract you with anything that takes the focus off the goal: getting YOU making money as soon as possible.

It worked for me. When I made that first sale after just a couple months, I knew… this training forges a whole new path.

And I’m still on that path, following the signs that say:

“Financial freedom – this way!”


The Right Tools for the Job!

Part of creating a successful website for yourself is having access to the best tools to make it happen. If you join those of us who let Wealthy Affiliate host our site, you’ll be utilizing arguably the mightiest website tool-chest available today: WordPress.

Word press logo

WordPress is the platform through which you create, publish and place all your hard work and effort into the speeding information stream called the World Wide Web.

This is why you don’t need to learn coding at all. WordPress does all the coding for you when you tell it what you need.

It also gives you many themes to choose from. Literally hundreds! Website themes give your site a different look, structure and feel. Swapping them out allows you to keep changing until you find what suits your approach best, both visually and organizationally.

WordPress tools

WordPress Menus

As usual with software, the amount of menus is a good indication of a software’s power. Each of the menus you see in the picture to the left has sub-menus so, I can tell you… there’s a lot of power under this hood.

WordPress Plugins

My WordPress Plugins

But don’t worry – W.A. does a great job, as always, training you on this platform too. You don’t need to know everything; but you do need to know, however, you’ll have a good handle on if you just take in the training.

There are other platforms for blogging, e-commerce, artist sites, etc., a WordPress has a long-standing reputation as being the best.

I personally find its everything I need, and it works great.

There are also thousands (yes, I said thousands!) of plugins that you can install into your own personal version of WordPress to amp it up and give it extra power, further options or unique features that you might need for your particular site.

But no need to go crazy. The most plugins I have on one of my websites is ten.

If any of you are familiar with Pro Tools as a music recording platform, you know that there’s no end to plugins, and that you can easily get lost in them. Instead, just follow the W.A. training and you’ll have everything you need.

Which isn’t much, surprisingly. 😉


Welcome to Your New Village!

Finally, it wouldn’t be a fitting review for Wealthy Affiliate if I failed to mention the W.A. Community. It really is one of the best things about this site

W A live chat

The W.A. Home page Live Chat!

You’ve heard the phrase, “it takes a village.”? All that means is… it’s tough to do things on your own, and from time to time… we all need help.

And we all know that. How much better, and quicker, do we progress at anything when we have somebody there to help us, guide us, question us and help us determine, not A course of action, but the BEST course of action?!

To the right, you see a picture of the Live Chat that’s happening right now as I type this. This open Chat is available on the Wealthy Affiliate home page at all times, 24 hours a day. At any moment, you can jump on there and ask a question, and more than likely there’ll be someone there that knows the answer.

If it’s a really super-tweaky question about something that’s not functioning correctly, then you also have at your disposal their 24/7 Website Support if you’re a paid subscriber. These are technicians employed to help you fix thing that’s not working at 100%.

I’ve used website support about a handful of times over the years. Honestly, things work as promised so well at W.A. that I just haven’t needed them.

And perhaps that’s the best endorsement I could give for W.A. of all!

No Posers, Please

Creating your own world online

“Whaddya mean, all offers aren’t the same?”

It’s important to know that W.A. is not the only company I’ve researched and tried in my quest for a viable online business. There have been other companies I’ve tried, but the experiences with them were laughable compared to Wealthy Affiliates professionalism.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online offers telling us we can make a bundle if we do this, do that, sign up here, attend to this seminar, watch this video, blah, blah, blah… I’ve looked into a lot of them. And been disappointed numerous times.

Most are scams. I won’t name names, but there was one online company I briefly considered where, when we called the person spearheading the offer, this leader actually hung up on us. Why? Because we were asking too many questions!!

Then, when we tried to get our initial investment back, it took days of phone calls to make it happen.

You and I both know: that’s just not right.

thank youI’m not the only one who’s found plenty of posers either. There are dozens of Wealthy Affiliate members whose websites are all about testing out other online companies & offers. I read their results often, and it only leaves me breathing a “thank you” to the universe that I found W.A. quickly, instead of having to suffer through the terrible trials of shady scam artists and their criminal ilk.

It’s consoling and encouraging every day to be with a company headed by real, authentic, open-book business owners like Kyle and Carson. We see them almost every day on the W.A. platform, working hard with the rest of us, being available and helpful, and providing the best training, assistance and hosting that money can buy.

In a phrase, they’re the “real deal”, and they’re my favorite side hustle I’ve ever found, that allows me to create real income at my own pace, in my own way.

And THAT’S a goal worth pursuing, right?! 😉

A Kingdom for a… Gig!!

The bottom line is… to succeed at anything you need three things:

  • Education
  • Tools
  • Support

If you have those three things, the world is pretty much your oyster, and YOU can determine the trajectory of your career, instead of waiting around and hoping for gigs, sessions, or someone to notice that you’re good enough to be taken seriously.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me all those things and enabled me to create my own little “online kingdom” that is ever-expanding to this very day. This review that you’re reading right now, for example, is proof – if not for W.A. you wouldn’t be reading any of this!

So go play gigs… or not. Go record sessions… or not.

music gig

Gig on! You’re covered!

Whatever you choose, if you build your own cash-generating online presence, cash won’t ever need to be the deciding factor in your career again.

You can play for free if you want! Sometimes, that can make the music… even sweeter!

So, yes, side hustles make money. And my #1 recommendation for building an online presence for your music and your career?? It’s, without doubt, Wealthy Affiliate.

Super affordable. Incredibly convenient. Endlessly inspiring… and all the work you do? It continues to work for you for the rest of your life.

Heck, … BEYOND the rest of your life.

Can’t beat that with a Vic Firth drum stick. ‘-)

To start creating your own success, to fund whatever you ever want to do in music, GO HERE NOW!

restaurant authoring is a great side hustle!

Let the world see YOUR site… and set your music free!

As always on this website, I’m here and available for questions. My goal continues, to this article, to make life easier for all my fellow artists, and those working hard but not seeing the fruit from their labors that they know they deserve.

Drop by here often for more insights into how to maximize your exposure, your income, your audience and every opportunity that comes your way. It’s all about getting your voice heard, and I’ll keep sharing every secret I know of…

… to get YOU to the top.

Best of success to you from all your efforts!!